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Speed Camera Shy, Dubstep vs. Poetry

Emergency services unavailable…

Brrrap! After one year of toil and graft, I’m very pleased to announce the launch of the new Hit By A Rock project, Speed Camera Shy. This is a powerful collaboration with poet and Slam artist Raymond Antrobus, where we try to combine the spit and wisdom of poetry with the punch and echo of Dubstep.

Two speeding cultures crash in a gruesome collision. Road kill. Poetry meets Dubstep at a badly-lit crossroads. Emergency services unavailable…


I met Ray in December ’07. We were both at a drunken party, mostly populated by mask-wearing Swedes. He was the least pissed amongst his mates, but we still managed to have a few weed and alcohol-fueled conversations, which culminated in us planning a session at my studio, Gunpoint.

I was worried. He was probably shit. I should never make promises when I’m partying! Waste of time, etc.


When Ray came round in January ’08, his performance blew me away. I distorted it and put it through my echo chamber. Before I knew it, we had Since We Was recorded. Game on, as the cliché goes…


After just over a year of recording and mixing, we’ve just launched our Speed Camera Shy Myspace page with the first four (of many) songs. This is good, deep shit. You have to check it out!