Picture of the Mark James v HBAR EP cover

Mark James v HBAR EP Released

…drown the silence

For the last few months, another music/spoken-word casserole has been bubbling away on my gas cooker. Now it smells right, it’s finally cooked! Served up yesterday by Huahua.

Mark James is a spoken-word artist, a regular performer around London. He’s somehow associated with the renowned Repton Boxing Club in the East End, and he rhymes with colourful derision and affection about his life & the people around him.

that cold room…

Mark had done some recordings for the Huahua label, who then asked me to provide the music and production for a potential EP release.

It’s done.

It’s out.

Black Bricks Steel Bones

Bandit Country


Friday Night Eyes

Available now from Bandcamp.