Picture of Lydia Lunch looking quite angry

240 Stitches – featuring Lydia Lunch

Wet me on a dead night

Once upon a time I downloaded a recording of US punk legend Lydia Lunch reading her short story Wet Me On a Dead Night. It was a filthy story about sex and violence, and fitted well with a filthy-sounding riddim I’d been playing around with.

After finishing the track I contacted Lydia Lunch requesting her permission to use the vocal samples. After hearing it, she kindly allowed me to put the track up on SoundCloud (thanks Lydia). So here it is. 240 Stitches. Very NSFW.

Sample of Lydia Lunch taken from her work «Wet Me On a Dead Night» Written and performed by Lydia Lunch.

Published by Widowspeak (ASCAP/HFA)